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  1. why am i here, what am i doing with my life, i think i wanna become a villain now, is this even allowed in the dorms?? why tf didn’t you question him when he put his finger in ur mouth?? holy– what is deku gonna say?? is this toga??? this is toga. where tf is occhako??? i hate my life. now i agree with monoma 1a is the worst class i just wanna leave, do i wanna still be a hero? i think i might just leave ua and swan dive off the roof

  2. Yeah, no one can force you to show your face if you don’t want. If they want to show themselves having an anal sex without shlwing faces, then let them have sex. Respect bro.

  3. Jesus your pussy is looking sooooo good with those few hairs, please keep it that way! From a fan to the hottest girl on PH

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